Magdalena is currently working on compleating her Solo Debut Music, two EP´s with working title "SADE" with Producers Pablo Vincensio (Shamanic Catharsis) and Marcus Berg (also known from the duo Minuk).

First of all I want to give thanks and gratitude to many of you were there with me all along my musical journey that started 2019. As I spent the last 4 years of my life coming out with music, sharing and creating and weaving with my voice in forests, ceremonies, festivals and gathering you were there, and you have been inspiring me and believing in me regardless of my own beliefs.

During these years I have slowly been weaving my souls whispers into songs. Notes, chords, lyrics. I am exited and happy to have this opportunity to be able to share this music to all of you, stepping into my first solo music journey.

The Music is coming out as TWO EP´s both called "Sade" that means "the rain" in finnish, but is also the ancestral name of my Mother´s family tree, Roble. This Album is a dream of mine to make, and exploration between human sound, nature, identity and story-telling. A prayer for health and harmony in our relating with Nature.

SADE is a mix of music inspired by the sound of traditional folk songs and lullabies, trance-state inducing ritualistic flow and transformational journey to the heart, using nature inspired soundscapes intwined with experimental human voice and story-telling arch.

 I am not signed under any label and am funding the music independently.

 Thank you to the Mesenaatti campaingn, we are finnishing now the first songs recorded in Bali, Labyrinth Studios in December/Jan 2023. Release party is happening 6.6.2024 in Helsinki.

With love,


Updated: May, 2024