"Vaskilintu" is the artist name of Magdalena Sofia, who is a vocalist and ritual musician. 

Vaski is an ancient finnish word that means copper, bronze and brass. Lintu means bird. Magdalena is inspired by the healing therapeutic aspects of ceremonial music, and the power of music that affects the emotional landscapes of the human psyche. Vaskilintu as performer brings forth myths and the archaic root touch to her singing that resonates and lingers long within the listener.

Music is a sacred way to be in dialogue with your community and the nature around you.

 Magdalena started with a classical background in music, singing in the National Opera of Finland at 6 years old, later studying musical traditions that have their roots in the interaction with nature and earth based belief systems. 

Magdalena is inspired by the healing power of ceremonial music and voice embodiment techniques.  2020 has also studied Nada Yoga (yogic philosophy of sound)  in Rishikesh India Nada Yoga School. 


Magdalena has held Holictic Voice Workshops since 2019 and holds sound journeys with the sound journey collective Myötävärähtely. Vaskilintu also holds space for rituals and sacred space, facilitating cacao ceremonies, retreats, courses, sharing circles and different workshops. 

Magdalenas work has foundation in de-colonizing and reclaiming ancestral traditions. Part of the work is creating balanced, grounded, naturalistic forms of nature based spirituality, that uses also awareness and activisms as a key to defend and restore our ecosystems.

Magdalena is the other part of the duo LOVI Ritual, with Mikko Heikinpoika.   More on that in LOVI RITUAL page.


Pictures: (c) Oskari Kantonen and (c) David O´Weger (c) Miika Ruohonen