Body is the gateway between dimensions of death and creation.

LOVI Ritual, is a joined music project of Mikko Heikinpoika and Vaskilintu.

 Lovi is a Finnish word, and in the Finno-Ugric mythology it has many meanings. A liminal, transcendental state or a place, and also believed to symbolise the vagina, as the woman's body is the gate between dimensions, death and creation. To fall into Lovi (langeta loveen) means to take on the journey of the seer or the shaman (tietäjä/noita) into a state of trance.

We are two musicians/space holders from Finland. In our music we combine elements from Finno-Ugric tradition and mythology with our own unique expression, modern music production and live electronics.

Throughout the ages, music has been a way of interacting with the present moment. A way to be in dialogue with your community and the nature around you. Both of us have been studying musical traditions, that have their roots in this interaction. Not being a performing art, but art of life itself for the sake of itself. It all boils down to exploring the countless ways of how the authentic human expression manifests itself through our own cultural lenses.

With our music we hold a space for deep introspection and connection, transcendental states and a realm where the layers of imagination and consciousness can be safely explored in a supportive environment.
LOVI is the deep merging of myths, roots, technology and humanity, creating a throughly deep, unique and transformational musical journey.



Läpi Luun, Läpi Jäsenten (2020)

Sielulintu (2020)

Mesikieli (2021)

Emoni Luonto (2021)

Läpi luun instrumental version (2021)

Ozora radio 1 hour set

Music videos:

Läpi luun, läpi jäsenten


Emoni luonto