Ancient wisdom, expression, singing, embodiment & sacred rituals for women for 3 moon cycles. 

Cycle begins 27th of August, 2022 on New Moon.

A 3 moon cycles journey for women and femmes to cultivate soft strength, inner beauty and sensuality through voice. Guidance, tools, wisdom and support on a variety of topics.

In this 3 moon cycle journey we will nourish our bodies, listen to our inner wisdom and learn tools to open our inner-hearing, to explore our free expression and strength through different mind-body-modalities. 

We will explore vegetal voices, the animal voices, the mineral voices and find our authentic connection to the visible and invisible world.

We will learn to use our voice as a tool of embodied exploration of our inner landscape, weaving intuitive feminine wisdom with practical methodologies. 

  • Cultivate daily practices that grow your sense of purpose, connection and possibility. 

  • Break the cycles of disconnection to your voice

  • Process emotions through voice

  • Embed yourself in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental community.


> Tending and healing different layers of difficult emotions and beliefs around our voices and self-expression

> Teachings online, with online videos, recordings, journaling questions, meditations, and LIVE Zoom meetings twice a month

> Online FB-group with support, safe, non-judgemental community.

> Deep vocal and sensory exploration of presence, where everything is connected by space

> Exercises and journaling prompts on different mind-mody holistic modalities and vocal exercises, rituals and self-care tools

> Creating personal rituals to mark transitional occasions

> We will meet on Zoom every other week for 60 minutes, twice a month every month for 3 months

> Mentorship and guidance from Ritual Musician Vaskilintu and guest teachers and presenters

>> First cycle begins 27th of August, 2022 on New Moon. <<