Teachings of the Water: Forgiveness

Picture: Kuutar Kuva
Picture: Kuutar Kuva

Some scientists view the entire planet as one ecosystem. I find it incredible how this earth functions. Release of water into the atmosphere by plants, the hydrologic cycle - a constant circulation of the earth's water...The continuous exchange of water between the atmosphere, land and ocean. In most traditions and religions water is believed to be a purifier, a way to cleanse. Baptism in christianity, in judaism mikvah, in sikhism amrit sanskar, in hinduism amritha, in shinto misogi and so on.

Water posesses many lessons. While floating in water I can hear only the calming hum of my body and the heartbeat. Water can soothe and carry us even in times when we feel like we can't. Hold us.

Forgiving others is easier than forgiving ourselves, but we can always learn and grow from mistakes and failures. They are part of being a human being. Missteps on our journey are essential and important stepping stones in the path of learning and growth. They force us out of the comfort zone. We can walk away from other people, but we don't get to quit or walk away from ourselves - even when we fuck up.
Thinking kind thoughts and showing compassion we can learn to speak with love and kindness to ourselves, and put ourselves as a priority, reaffirming that we believe we are worth it. Worthy of the love that is required for the learning within us to happen. And the learning, it never stops.

"When we try to forgive ourselves, we're trying to release something that feels like it is part of us. We're releasing who we were in the moment, when we did whatever it was. When we forgive what someone else has done, in a sense it feels easier. We're releasing a part of our past that isn't essentially who we are-unless we've told the story of that hurt us so frequently that we've built our identity around it. In that case, it becomes hard to forgive the other person because the transgression and our reaction has become central to how we define ourselves. -Retain what you learned from the event but release everything else." - Matt James

Let the water wash away, and give yourself the gift of a fresh start and a new day.