Sing your song


Couple of years ago I sat in a dark art studio with an old small peruvian man. He had a brown wrinkled face and a smile that made his eyes twinkle like he was laughing at some amusing inner joke or holding a secret. We had no common language to communicate with, but in the setting twilight we sang to each other with just a small candle burning between us. It was the first time in my life I felt deeply humbled and touched by the thought of a sound vibrating and creating realms. Or maybe I had just forgotten the feeling. Every note I sang was approached with the utmost respect and wonder. Every note he sang I listened to with respect. We smiled to each other and kept on singing all through the night.

There are no words to describe how much joy and peace music brings and what a sensory explosion of magick, expression of that that can not be expressed it carries. In a simple sound can a connection to love, joy and divinity be found. When I was a child I would sing all the time. To my favourite trees (like the one I called "The Gentle Tree"), to animals (I even once sang to a dying squirrel) but mostly I would sing to myself. I was described as a child as musical and imaginative, so I guess there are things in is us that we have a natural pull or tendensy towards. Life can come in the way though, and we can easily forget what it was that brought us true joy with all the conditioning as we stumble around in our path to adulthood.

I believe creative expression is a key part in healing the body, mind and soul. Being willing to go out of the comfort zone, exploring inner and outer worlds. All these elements have been a way of bringing sound back to life inside me. Through solace, relaxation, connection to the heart and deep sense of peace all sound in its purest form can be found. And it has been always there inside us.

Sometimes an atombomb needs to come and pierce through your life in order to see clearly. To really get serious about what is happening inside and what is portayed outside. Responsibility for growth and learning is a path that must be faced and chosen again and again. Finding the Eternal now that is there waiting. And our voice. Even when we forget.