"Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit."

- E.E. Cummings .

I don't know much about art, but the setting sun looked like a impressionist painting. The one with the man on a boat or the one painted of a cliff by the sea painted by Monet. Clouds were like a thin silky veil, a quiet touch covering and softening everything. Even the ocean looked like a mirage. When the ocean is still, silence is like another entity in it self.
There is a bay where I like to swim when the sun is setting. When you make a sound, it echoes into multiple directions. I have seen a gray heron many times flying above the bay alone. I was told that grey herons voice is described as "ugly" among birdwatchers. Interesting adjective to be given for a call or a song I thought as it flew gracefully over me. A short "kraah" pierced through the sky and the echo answered it back again and again. I wondered if it believed there was someone singing back. I observed that the though had a mild emotion attached to it, similar to when one sees animals and objects and relates symbols to them. .

The word "Confidence" comes from the Latin fidere, "to trust. "Esteem" is derived from the Latin aestimare, meaning "to appraise, value, rate, weigh, estimate". The definition of self-esteem is a present-focused belief. Self-confidence is believing in oneself or expectations of performance and self-evaluations of abilities and prior performance. 

Self-esteem is one of the basic human motivations in Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Maslow suggests that individuals need both esteem from other people as well as inner self-respect. These needs must be fulfilled in order for an individual to grow and thrive and must be fulfilled in order for an individual to achieve self-actualization and growth.
What I find intriguing is that according to Maslow there are two kinds of self-esteem, a "higher" and a "lower". The lower self-esteem derived from the respect of others, while the higher self-esteem comes from within us. What I gather is that there is a place of knowing our worth within that can not be taken away.

Have the courage to express yourself and use your voice, only place you need to be listening is the music inside you.